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 True Friendship

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There are different kinds of friendships in this world. That friendship where you see eachother on occasion, barely speak but when your together its as if you never left eachothers side. Theres that friendship where you dont necessarily care too much for eachother but have a good time hanging out. There are friends who share very little with one another and those who share absolutely every detail of their day. Then theres that one special friendship, where your beyond friends, your family. Over the years you've created a bond so strong there is nothing in the world that can break it. I'm talking about "brothers" and "sisters", practically living in eachothers house. That connection to the point that you dont need to tell them everything because the moment you text them "Hey" they know automatically that somethings wrong. At least once a month you two go at it to the point that you question the stability of your friendship. You threaten, scream, curse and swear that ur never gonna talk to them again. You vent to the next person closest to you about how fucking retarded and pathetic they are. You go on and on about how you dont even know why your friends with them. Next morning comes and what happens? Your phone is blinking with a text from your "brother"/"sister" and its like yesterday never even happened. They're no longer an asshole, they're your bestfriend again and you'd do anything in this world for them. You realize how much you love them and how blood couldn't make you any closer. All the hatred and anger you had in your heart is gone, and this is a true friendship. One that should not be given up one but cherished and held so close to your heart that you become one. If you have this hold on and dont ever let it go. You'll regret it, I know I would.
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