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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS   RULES AND REGULATIONS EmptyJanuary 13th 2012, 10:12 am

Hello there everyone it has come to my attention that I have never put this up
these are the semi official rules and regulations of the synergy paintball team Synergy Force recon formally known as icarus.

The rules are simple.
1) Must own your own paintball marker after 3 times paintballing with us,if you dont own one after 3 times it shows that you are not dedicated.if you cant purchase one due to lack of online payment methods one of the members will be happy to assist you.
2) do not complain that it hurts! if you are coming out with us that means we believed that you had balls enough to get shot.paintballing means you will get shot no matter how fucking good you are.
3) if you cant make a outting then just text someone.Before every outting i usually send a mass text asking who wants to come.it is not mandatory but we would like to have as many members with us as possible to keep a strategic standpoint in the feild.
4)Monitary funding.shit were all broke and we all know that its hard to get off of work or school to go paintball thats why we usually host games on sundays so were all free.
5) keep a military mindset on the field.communication and tactics is what wins matches not going fuckin rambo.also if your team mate ran out of ammo dont be a dick,share some fuckin rounds.even if its a handful out of your hopper.
6)have fun.were out there to have a good time dont fucking ruin it.we all have stressful lives take it out on the enemy.

i dont ask much of my team.all i ask is that you respect one another.with all that said WELCOME TO SYNERGY FORCE RECON
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