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These terms, amongst many others, are constantly used to put down the gay community. Where most see words others see daggers piecering straight into their soul, putting them in the most vulnerable of places. While some use it as a joke between friends others use it to verbally beat another human being down for who they are and were born to be. Yes, I said it WHO THEY ARE! Not who they chose to be, not what their friends peer-pressured them into being and not what the media is and influenced them to be. No matter what people may say homosexuality is not a choice, it never was and it never will be. Its no easier for a homosexual to pretend to be straight than it is for a black guy to blend in at a KKK meeting. I mean honestly think about it this way, u as a heterosexual can't be with the person you're crazy in love with and you're are forced to hold, kiss, marry and sleep with someone of the same sex just because there are people who don't agree with who you are. Is it fair then? Nooo of course not because then that ruins your life. But since its not affecting you in the least bit who gives a damn, right?

Because of this ignorance we have children growing up hating others and sometimes even hating themselves. There are couples madly in love who have been together 20 years and cant even get married in their home state because of anothers beliefs. Groups of sad people protest about how immoral it is to be gay. But of course you know about all of these things right? People have no idea what really goes on, and probably cant even fathom the reality of these situations. The physical, mental, verbal, sexual and self inflicted abuse; the murders, suicides, and the absolute hatred one can have for themself is unbelievable. I plan to cover absolutely everything surrounding the LGBT community: political views, religous views, personal experiences, interviews, stories directly out of the NY's gay community and more. Everything will be covered, the negatives and positives, from the "homo" to the homophobe.
There are no limits here.
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The Basics.

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