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For most people their addiction began during their teens. Everyone has their own reasons for begining their drug usage. More serious cases come from unhappiness within themselves. This can be triggered by various situations whether it be some sort of abuse during their childhood, growing up in a household with someone that has a substance abuse problem, or feeling alone within their homes so they turn to the streets to be raised. Sadly, some are even born with this sickness because of the drugs their mother had been addicted to either prior or during the pregnancy; these are mainly known as "crack-babies".

Teenagers are the ones most prone to peer pressure. They're convinced by friends of theirs that its the "cool" thing to do, "everyone does it, it's not like it'll hurt you." A percentage of these teens end up addicts, dead or in jail. So it won't hurt you? I beg to differ...

Marijuana, the gate-way drug. It's been said that once someone starts smoking weed they'll move on to stronger drugs to experiment with the feeling of a different high. I won't argue with that; almost every person I met that uses something stronger began with them smoking just a few joints a week. Every pothead knows that marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC causes mind-alltering, changing the way the brain functions. I bet you didnt know that marijuana contains about 400 other chemicals. All you hear anyone say is how weed wont hurt you, its not like cigarettes, no one has died from weed. What you should say is that no one has died YET, or rather that no one knew that the reason of their death was weed. Fact: some of these 400 chemicals are carcinogenic, for those who have completely burned out their brain cells that means they cause cancer! Not so harmless now is it. Marijuana causes impaired jugement, anxiety/panic attacks, an increased risk of a heart attack and if the person body is vulnerable enough increased risk to develop schizophrenia. These symptoms are only a few of many and if you dont believe me look it up!

Yes, marijuana is used for medical reasons, which has also been found to be the best weed around. But truth is that medical examiners still question the ability of the medical marijuana, and its stil debated in hospitals accross the country. So far medical marijuana is legal in 16 states, but at the same time cigarettes are 100% legal they can still kill you.

If this is only the gate-way drug, imagine whats in store when you move up the substance tree and begin to experiment will chemically made drugs instead of something natural. I'm no one to tell you to quit your habbit, and that was not my intension here. I am simpley stating facts. If you or someone you know are addicted to one or more of these substances just know there are others ways to cope with whatever it is that you may be feeling. And as an addict, you are easily judged and the person you are is defined by society.


So tell me, who are you?
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