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It happens to everyone, whether it be a blogger, a poet, an artist or a student simply trying to get an A on there english paper. We've all had that moment where were at the point of kicking the shit out of our computer. Writer block-aint it a mother fucker!

No matter how simple someones writing may be those ideas came from somewhere. The words being put down on paper have meaning in some way to that writer. Key word: INSPIRATION. Every song, poem, speech, or article had some sort of inspiration pushing those thoughts to fit like puzzle pieces forming perfection. The more inspiration the greater the outcome. It comes out of nowhere, like train in a dark tunnel then just BAM smacked dead in the face. Then there you are, with all these crazy ideas and emotions flowing through your brain so quickly you barely have enough time to get them all down. Where do you start? How should you end? Its so overwhemling and a satisfying adrenaline rush.

But what the hell do you do when absolutely no inspiration comes to you? You stare at you blank screen or paper hoping for an idea to pop into your head. You kick yourself in the ass because you know how much work you're willing to put into this specific piece but for the life of you, you cant figure out where to even begin. Everyone copes with their writers block in their own ways. Some read other pieces of work, some sleep, some listen to music. Some people will even take the time to travel anywhere in hopes that something somewhere will unlock that box of brilliance they have sitting in the back of their head and get the ball rolling.

Personally, I ignore it. I pretend as if I could care less that I'm stuck, but internally I'm screaming and begging for anything to pop into my head. And when it does, I put my all into it and make something worth waiting for, make it something that I can look at in the end and say "fuck yea! I wrote that shit!" I make it something to be proud of. But thats just me...What do you do when you have writers block?
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