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 An Abundance of Fake

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PostAn Abundance of Fake

Fake. What comes to mind when you hear the word? I can bet that more than half of you reading this thought about someone you know instead of an actual object. I can also be almost certain that the main person that popped in your head is someone that was or is a friend of yours.

When I say fake I dont mean hair and nails, Im talking about fake on the inside. Pretending to be someone your not, and acting in ways you know you wouldn't normally. Why do people do it? Its simple, they want to be accepted by those around them. Some are personally unhappy with the who they are so they become someone else, someone they feel their peeers have more of a chance connecting with. Then there are those people who are fake . Those are the people who act all the time, and lie so much that eventually they begin to believe their own lies. These are the people you want to just slap silly. I understand all that emotional "I hate myself, I wanna be another person" bullshit. I'm sorry but fuck that! I dont care how fucked up a person you may be dont pretend to be someone else, better yourself. You think people dont notice that you lie about absolutely everything?! Your fucking delusional. Be who are, and if your not happy with who you really are fix it. Its a lot easier to remember the truth than it is to remember a lie.

How the hell could you think its ok to make those closest to you look like assholes? There are people that hold you down for years and you turn around and lie straight in their face, disrespecting them highly. You might as well just spit in there fucking face like the low life piece of shit you are! It doesnt matter how fucking crazy you are don't drag others down. I'm sorry you feel like a giant piece of shit but why in the hell do you feel the need to make others look stupid. How fucking selfish could you be?!

It doesnt matter how good a liar you may think you are, everyone knows the truth and they all think your absolutely pathetic! And maybe as a friend to this person you should sit them down and let them know. I mean how can we call ourselves friends if we let this person get so caught up in this fantasy world of theirs to the point that they are looked down upon by everyone they come in contact with. Drag there ass out of the fucing clouds, bring them back down to reality. If they refuse then fuck them ! Move the hell on and let their ass drown. By the way, if you cant think of which friend of yours is like this, it might be you.
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An Abundance of Fake

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