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 Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations  Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations    Rules and Regulations  EmptyFebruary 7th 2011, 5:20 pm

The Rules and Regulations of Synergy Gaming Franchise.
Disregarding these rules will be subjected to a warning. After the second warning, you will be removed from Synergy. Our rules are taken to heart, and are heavily enforced. If you are able to follow our rules and regulations, you will find yourself seeing more advancements into Synergy, and help Synergy move further into the future. Our rules are for both Paintball and Gaming.

18+ Years of age.
Age limit is not mandatory for new Synergy members, but we try to keep it as close to 18 as possible.

You must have an Xbox Live gold membership.
If your planning on being part of our Gaming Community, then this one is pretty simple. You wont be able to play online without a gold account.

You must have a working Xbox 360 microphone.
Having a microphone will help us connect better with our members. As well as communicate
in-game with our members during matches.

Change your clan tag to SGF for games such as Black Ops, Bad Company 2, ect.
It's not mandatory, but representing the Synergy name in-game will help Synergy get well known, and show how
dedicated a member is.

Add the Community Gamertag ( syngaming org ).
The Synergy gamertag helps our members connect a whole lot better than adding individual
members to their friends list. This gamertag is checked daily for new requests and will start to
message all members about our updates.

No hacks/mods/glitches of any sort.
If caught using a hack, mod, cheat, glitch, or anything in that nature, you will automatically be removed from Synergy.

Act Mature.
You must have a mature attitude when it comes to your fellow teammates. If you act like a child in any situation, you will have 1 warning. If it continues, you will be removed from the Synergy.

You MUST Participate.
You must be able to participate in any practices, matches, and meetings that will be posted on the forums. If you are unable to attend, you must post a reply into said forum, or notify an officer/overlord.

Tell an Officer.
If you witness any rule breaking, or any members using racial or hateful slurs against another member, you MUST report it to an officer/warlord.

Put it in the bin.
Newly created is an "Idea Bin" part of the forums. In this section, you can post any and all ideas you would want us to use. No idea will be deleted, and all ideas will be taken into thought and talked about with fellow members.

Don't be shy.
There is no need to be shy around fellow Synergy members. We're all about having fun, and wont discriminate any new members. We make sure to treat each other with respect.

Be active on the website.
The majority of information about Synergy and updates can be found on our website. We require all members to have an account and stay as active as you can on the site. Having an account also disables annoying adds.

Dedication is key to rise in the ranks of Synergy. Higher ranks open you up to more opportunities with Synergy.
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Rules and Regulations
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